How do I complain?


The following lists the practical circumstances that must be met by a written complaint (complaint form) - to be read before the complaint is submitted to the secretariat!


Here you will be able to read more about the procedure at the Complaints Board.

How do you initiate a complaint

The initial steps to a case will commence when the complainer sends a complaints form to the Administrative Department and pays the fee of € 40,00 (or DKK 300,00) on the account described on the complaints form. Attached to the complaints form, the complainer must enclose the following documents:

-          Relevant correspondence. 

-          A copy of the rental contract.

-          A description of the product of the contract. E.g. a copy of the description from promotion material (website, catalogue etc.). Do be aware of that a product description on a website may change after the time of contract. If you are in any doubt about this, do make a notice on this to the Administrative Department.

-          Terms of rental.

-          Other documentation/evidence collected by the tenant (pictures, videos, etc.).

-          A copy of the receipt concerning the € 40,00 or DKK 300,00.

If the Complaints Board has competence to hear the case, the complainer will receive a formal confirmation of the reception of the complaint.

You find the complaint form here.

Written procedure

Now the written procedure will commence. It contains three steps.

Firstly, the Complaints Board will notify respondent about the complaint. The respondent will then have the possibility to comment the complaint to the Complaints Board (respond to the complaints form).

Secondly, when the Complaints Board receive the respondents reply, the complainer will have opportunity of commenting the reply.

Thirdly, the respondent is allowed a final opportunity to comment the case and the reply of the complainer (a counter reply).

If the case needs further comments or lacks important information, the secretariat will take the relevant initiatives. Should one of the parties come in possession of relevant information at this stage, the party should inform the secretariat.

Hearing of the case

When the case is ready, the Administrative Department will prepare the case for the final hearing by the Complaints Board.

The members of the Complaints Board come together four times a year and when necessary.

When the Complaints Board has reviewed the case, the resolution will be written and announced to the parties. Usually 14 days after the date hearing. The respondent will now have 30 days to consider whether the resolution should be accepted.
If the respondent decides to follow the resolution, the complainer will be informed about this, as soon as possible. Should the respondent decide not to follow the resolution, the respondent must inform the Complaints Board within 30 days after the announcement. Fails the respondent to do that, the resolution will be legal enforceable as any other court decision.