Ankenævnet for Feriehusudlejning

About the Board of Appeal for Holiday Homes

Photo: Niclas Jessen

The board was established by the Danish Holiday Home Association (Feriehusudlejernes Brancheforening) and the Danish Consumer Council (Forbrugerrådet Tænk).

The Board of Appeal has been founded by the Association of Danish Holiday House Letters (representing the industry) in collaboration with the independent Danish consumer agency The Danish Consumer Council (representing private consumer interests).

Further, the statutes of the Board of Appeal has officially been approved by the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth making the Board of Appeal one of 21 other private Danish Complaints Boards offering an inexpensive and efficient dispute resolution for private consumers.

The overall objective of the Board of Appeal is to offer any private person renting a holiday home in Denmark a fair, efficient and low cost evaluation of an evolved dispute regarding contractual compliance.

The competence of the Board of Appeal is described in the articles. The articles may be found here.

According to section 1 to 5 the Board of Appeal has competence of hearing any case suitable under Danish jurisdiction, meaning any case suitable for a hearing in a Danish civil court. You find further information regarding the jurisdiction under “Who may raise a complaint.

Members of the Complaints Board

The Board of Appeal consists of a president and an equal number (i.e. two each) of representatives from The Danish Consumer Council and the Association of Danish Holiday House Letters. The Board of Appeal is conducted by the president who is chosen by the founding organizations. Other members are elected by the respective organization they represent. Each organization has the possibility of naming two representatives.

The actual constellation of the Complaints Board

The President of the Complaints Board
Currently vacent

Representatives of the industry
Mr. Daniel Sylvester-Hvid, Novasol A/S
Ms. Pernille Kofod Lydolph, Danish Holiday Home Association

Mr. Thorkild Caroe, DanCenter A/S 
Ms. Ingrid Vallin Jensen, Esmark Feriehusudlejning

Representatives of the private consumer interest
Ms. Regitze Buchwaldt, The Danish Consumer Council
Mr. Flemming Kjærulf, The Danish Consumer Council

Mr. Jakob Steenstrup, The Danish Consumer Council