The tenant can be sure that the mediator has an office in Denmark.

Opening hours

The tenant must be able to get in contact with the mediator on the day of arrival during the period 1 June until 31 August until 8 p.m., and during the rest of year until 5 p.m. (at the office or by phone). The mediator must be available all year Monday to Friday during normal office hours.


The tenant has the right to require that the supplied material corresponds with actual conditions.

Right of disposal

The tenant acquires the right to use the holiday house during the reserved period when the entire payment of the rent has been made to the mediator or its representatives.

Legal conditions

The tenant can be assured that the mediator is familiar with valid laws concerning the use, rental and mediation of the rental of holiday houses. 

Swimmingpools and Whirlpools

The Association of Danish Holiday House Letters and the Danish Department of Environment have signed an agreement on the use and control of swimmingpools and whirlpools in private holiday renting houses, and the tenant can raise requirement that the members of the Association will live up to this an agreement.

Travel cancellation

The tenant can be assured that the travel cancellation regulations will be clearly stated in the brochures or booking site of the mediator i. e. information of travel cancellation in case of illness etc.


Concerning complaints in connection with the tenancy, the mediator commits himself to dealing with the complaint fast. Written complaints are to be answered in writing, and a proposal for solution is to be delivered at the latest 14 days after the receipt of the complaint.
With regard to complaints that require special arrangements during the tenant's stay in the holiday house, and which are communicated to the mediator immediately, the tenant can expect that remedy arrangements are set up far as possible before the end of the tenancy.

Electricity and water

The tenants can be certain that the price for electricity consumption can be found in the brochure of the mediator. If water consumption is separately accounted for, both this and the account price will be indicated clearly in the brochure of the mediator. If other consumption costs are to be paid these are to be posted in the holiday house.