House owners


Advice on rental potential

The house owner is entitled to a fair and realistic advice about the rental potential, and the advisor shall subsequently justify and document the advice from the standard situation, experience in that area, the current type of house and the house's location to the house-owner.

Houses owned by corporations, associations, and the like

For homes, where the owner or operator is a corporation, association or other entity, a private institution, a foundation or a scholarship, may only enter into rental agreements based upon a permission to rent from the Ministry of the Environment / Forestry and Nature Agency (cf. lov om sommerhuse og campering m.v., kap. 1, § 1, stk. 3).

"Investment Houses"

Members of the Association of Holiday House Letters may not participate in tender concepts about "investment houses" and related rental.

An "investment house" is defined as a house, offered or acquired by a group of independent and often from each other unknown persons solely as a purely financial investment. These houses are often administered on behalf of the owners, direct business by a third person or a company and are often referred to as "share houses".

Rental Guarantee

House-owners may not be offered any guaranteed minimum rental either in time or in amount.

Rental Agreement

The house-owner is entitled to the agreement in writing, and the agency should itself initiate a written agreement.  An agreement by e-mail is regarded as written.

A rental agreement may be renewed automatically i.e. without being explicitly expressed in the written agreement, if this approach is agreed upon when entering into the agreement. The intermediary shall notify the renewal in writing and clearly and accurately no earlier than 4 weeks and no later than 2 weeks prior to the renewal date.

The Agreement shall be terminable by the house-owner once a year by a specified date (contract renewal date) to termination at a certain date (contract year). The first agreement period may be binding for both parties in the remainder of the contract year and the subsequent contract year.

If the provider unilaterally wants to implement changes in the agreement, it can only be done at contract renewal and then only with effect from the next contract year. Such amendments shall be notified in writing and with a clear indication of the change, and in such time that the house-owner may terminate the contractual relationship before the announced change will be effective.

Is automatic contract renewal agreed upon - cf. above - and does the house-owner not terminate the agreement under the current rules, all written announced changes are considered as accepted by the house-owner.

Owner's own use

Homeowner's right to use the building must be clearly described in the agreement.

A payment on account schemes to the homeowner

The house owner is entitled to a clearly formulated agreement, where the operations are clearly and unambiguously described, and it must be stated that it only includes on account payment. A payment on account scheme can only be changed by mutual agreement. The intermediary must provide a statement at least once a year to the house-owner.

Rental price

House-owner’s seasonal, weekly rental income must be disclosed annually to the house-owner for all rental seasons. As house-owner’s rent price is calculated as a proportion of gross rent (tenant's cost), it should be clarified which currency is used.

House-owner’s weekly rental income and amount of the commission must not be made dependent on the total rental of the property.